Barry and Dolly
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The Berry and Dolly series is written and illustrated by Erika Bartos.

The characters in the Berry and Dolly stories are a bunch of
tiny bugs and beetles who live alongside one another in the forest.
The stories are lead by the title characters: Berry the snail
and Dolly the ladybird. A variety of other characters join them
in their fun and games throughout the series with the stories
set in their forest home. All the characters’ houses, belongings
and clothes perfectly match their individual appearance.

The stories look at everyday incidents in the lives of small children
with their community based around a kindergarten. Great emphasis
is given to a love and respect of the natural world in the series.
The sun, the moon, clouds and rainbows all appear in the stories
along with many other things familiar to kindergarten children.

The series was launched in 2004 and there are now 16 books available in the series with their popularity growing by the day.

Kedd Animation Studio (, under the direction of Oscar-nominated Géza M. Tóth, has produced a 26-part animated series of 5-minute episodes based on the Berry and Dolly stories published to date. The 26 episodes have run in Hungarian cinemas. The series is currently being aired on Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovakian and Czech television with negotiations underway with more foreign broadcasters.

The Berry and Dolly animated series, produced by Kedd Animation Studio, won Best Short Film Award at Jiangyin Children’s Film Festival, in 2011.

The 26 episodes are now available in shops on DVD. It has been nearly 20 years since a series of this kind has been produced in Hungary from a Hungarian author’s work.

Kedd also issued a collection of Berry and Dolly stories on CD, read by the narrator of the animated films. These products have now also been joined by a collection of clothing for young children featuring the colourful illustrations and graphics from the series along with four projector films. Berry and Dolly board games are also now available as well as plush figures of Berry and Dolly. The whole range of products has proved very popular in Hungary.